Hebrew Keyboards and Hebrew Keyboard Stickers
Easy Hebrew-QWERTY layout designed for English speakers

Type in Hebrew the easy way using almost any program on Windows or Mac. With an Aleph-Board Hebrew keyboard and the Hebrew QWERTY layout, you will be typing Hebrew in just 10 minutes.

Aleph-Board is a bilingual Hebrew keyboard using the Hebrew QWERTY layout. Hebrew letters are matched to their Latin letter equivalents phonetically, allowing native English speakers to type faster and learn the key layout more quickly than with the traditional Israeli Hebrew keyboard.

Aleph-Board has the complete solution to enable hassle-free Hebrew typing: bilingual Hebrew keyboards, bilingual Hebrew keyboard stickers, two popular Hebrew QWERTY layout options, and included downloadable software to make it all work.

“Typing with the Aleph-Board lightens my workload. It is a natural way to type Hebrew
if your first language uses the English alphabet.”

Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi
Founder, Jewish Renewal