Which Hebrew Keyboard Is Right For Me?

Model א or Model ב?

Our Hebrew keyboards and Hebrew keyboard stickers all use the Hebrew QWERTY layout. Aleph-Board makes two variants of this layout:

Model א:

Model ב:

Still unsure? Baruch Morris, the founder of Aleph-Board, thinks Model א is the most logical and that is his preference. On the other hand, Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, founder of the Jewish Renewal Movement, prefers Model ב. (That didn’t help, did it. One Jewish website, two opinions. Oy!)

Choose Model א if you have never used a Hebrew keyboard. Required for use with DavkaWriter. Works on both Windows and Mac.

Choose Model ב if you prefer the Hebrew QWERTY version that comes with Mac OS X. Works on Mac and Windows.

Both models feature Aleph-Board exclusive enhancements not usually found in other Hebrew QWERTY layouts:

Model א Hebrew Keyboard Comparison
Model א
Model ב Hebrew Keyboard Comparison
Model ב






Highlighted keys show the differences between Model א and Model ב.