In my work I need to toggle from English to Hebrew and back. Typing with the Aleph-Board lightens my workload. It is a natural way to type Hebrew if your first language uses the English alphabet. As the next step in Hebrew literacy, I encourage everyone who does not yet type in Hebrew to use the Aleph-Board with its intuitive keyboard layout. It was designed by a user who knows what we who struggle with words in two languages need.
Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi
Founder, Jewish Renewal
I really love the ease of using this keyboard. It works on my Mac with my Nisus software perfectly!  I especially like having the choice of a full keyboard rather than stickers.
Rabbi David Zaslow
Ḥavurah Shir Ḥadash, Ashland, Oregon
We must do all we can to remove the barrier between Jewish people and the holy language.  The Aleph-Board does just that.
Rabbi Motti Wilhelm
Chabad of Oregon
No, I’m not giving your laptop back until I’m finished with my Hebrew homework.
Maggidah Cassandra Sagan
The founder’s wife. See The Aleph-Board Story


Who uses Aleph-Board Hebrew QWERTY-Phonetic keyboards?