Privacy Policy

We collect and maintain personally identifiable information that you enter on this website in order to process orders, collect payments for items purchased, and ship those items to you.  We may release your information to qualified third parties in the normal course of processing your order.  Credit card information is not maintained on our website, but instead is handled by a third party payment processor such as PayPal.  We will maintain your login information for an indefinite period.  This allows you to download the software for your keyboard product(s).  We may access any or all of this information to facilitate customer service and product support on your behalf.

We are too busy to be inventing reasons to email you with special offers, newsletters, and other ways to clog your in-box.  That said, if we come across something really interesting, or we develop some hot new product we think relates to what you have already purchased, we might send you an email.  Maybe.  Or maybe not.  Don’t hold your breath.  If you need spam (kosher or not) to make you feel important and loved, you have come to the wrong place.

We are also too busy to pretend that the information we collect about our customers is somehow valuable to Internet mass marketers.  We won’t be selling your name or doing anything else like that with the information we have about you, other than what has been described above.

We will release your personally identifiable information to law enforcement authorities only with legal and properly documented requests.  So don’t do anything bad, OK?

The contents of this privacy policy may change without notice.