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Hebrew Keyboard Model ב

Hebrew Keyboard Model ב

Hebrew Keyboard Model ב
Product Code: KBD-B
Availability: In Stock
Price: $59.95

Hebrew Keyboard Model ב is a bilingual English and Hebrew keyboard using the Hebrew QWERTY layout. In Hebrew QWERTY, Hebrew letters are matched to their Latin letter equivalents phonetically, allowing native English speakers to type faster and learn the Hebrew key layout more quickly than with the traditional Israeli Hebrew keyboard.

  • Bilingual Hebrew Keyboard – Model ב
  • Hebrew layout matches Mac Hebrew QWERTY
  • Compatible with almost any program (except DavkaWriter) on both Windows and Mac

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  • Wireless operation
  • USB 2.0 micro-dongle
  • Multimedia keys (Windows & Mac) and program convenience keys (Windows only)
  • No additional driver required for standard English operation
  • Hebrew enabled via software download
  • Download includes full instructions and Hebrew typing tips
  • Batteries included

Additional Information

Aleph-Board exclusive enhancements include additional nikudot not found in Mac Hebrew QWERTY, enabling consistency and proper nikud entry according to the Unicode standard. Other enhancements include access to typographic geresh, gereshayim, and sof pasuq characters as well as double ligatures (ײ, װ, ױ) not found in the Mac Hebrew QWERTY layout.