Q: I've attached my Aleph-Board keyboard to my computer, but it doesn't type in Hebrew. Now what?
Q: I've attached the stickers to my laptop keyboard. How do I type in Hebrew?
A: The answer to both of these questions is the same. You need to download and install the keyboard software to enable our Hebrew-QWERTY layout. The download package contains complete installation and usage instructions in addition to the software.

Q: Where is the serial number I need in order to download the software?
A: The serial number is located on the underside of the keyboard. For sticker sets, you will find the serial number on the second page of the instruction sheets inside the sticker packaging.

Q: Can I use two Aleph-Board keyboards in the same room?
A: Yes. Multiple Aleph-Board keyboards in the same room will not interfere with each other.

Q: I lost my USB wireless dongle. Can I get a replacement?
A: Unfortunately, no. The USB wireless dongles are paired with the keyboards at the factory. This cannot be changed in the field. Be careful not to lose your USB wireless dongle! The keyboard has a place to store the dongle near the upper left corner.

Q: Will Aleph-Board software install Hebrew capabilities in a program that does not support Hebrew?
A: No. Aleph-Board software works at the Operating System level. Your program must be Hebrew capable. For details, see the compatibility page.

Q: When I type nikudot, they don’t stay under the letter. Instead they take up space as if they were letters themselves. How do I fix this?
A: We normally see this problem only on Macs. (If you see this on Windows, we want to know. Please contact us.) First, check that your application was written with the Cocoa API and supports Hebrew. You will probably have to contact the application’s tech support to find this information. Second, try a different font. We have seen some Mac fonts that exhibit this behavior. Lucida Grande should always work on a Mac

Q: I don't see a battery direction indicator.  Which way do I install the batteries in the keyboard?
A: The battery direction indicator is molded into the white plastic inside the battery case.  We agree, the battery direction indicator is very difficult to see. We have voiced this concern to our contract manufacturer and look forward to a solution in a future production run.

With the keyboard turned over and the battery case on the upper left, the positive terminal (projection or "nubbin" end) of both AA batteries should face to the right.  One picture is worth a thousand Hebrew words